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Finding God in Addiction

When addiction becomes too much to handle, often the first instinct is to retreat from any community that was in your life to begin with. Shame becomes overwhelming, leaving you broken and unwilling to find hope. It is easy to wonder how God could care about you or if he even exists. The ironic thing is, most recovering drug and alcohol users cite God as their biggest reason for getting clean. Many didn’t even have a personal relationship with Jesus before becoming an addict. When you are at your worst, God has a way of making himself known.

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction?

Addiction In The Bible

As Christians, we must always listen to the word of God and learn to think His thoughts after him. Far too often, though, we listen to other voices and lose track of the truth.When it comes to addiction, we need to think biblically. We must understand how God views addiction so that his Church can respond accordingly.

Darryl Worley

Darryl Worley tells how addiction has affected his family and why he’s partnering with 8 Oaks.


LAWRENCEBURG, TN: Darryl Worley partnering with 8 Oaks hopes to bring awareness and help those struggling with substance abuse. In an interview with Darryl Worley, he tells us why addiction is an important topic for him and why he believes in the mission of 8 Oaks.

Rehab Success Rates: Faith and Recovery

If you or someone you know has personally dealt with addiction, it can be difficult to plan a course of action. When it comes to treatment, it is a big life decision, and it is natural to wonder if it is worth putting life on hold for you, or a loved one, to get help. In addition, it can seem overwhelming when considering the multitude of options available.

how to do an intervention

It can be hard to know what to do if you know someone struggling with addiction. Sometimes you might suspect someone of having an issue but aren't sure. Both warrant having a conversation, and if you know the signs, you can feel more confident bringing up your concerns. 

Stages of addiction

Addiction can seem fluid and without any structure, but there are specific patterns many with substance use disorder fall into. People don’t just try one drink or drug and immediately become addicted. 

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opiod overdose deaths

Big pharma companies are finally paying big time for how they contributed to the opioid crisis that has plagued the U.S. for the past 30 years. Four opioid manufacturing companies will spend about 26 billion in combined settlement fees. Tennessee could see around 600 million of that money, as we are one of the states hit hardest by opioid addictions. 

signs of substance abuse

How is addiction defined? Is it simply having more than a couple of drinks? When does the use of a particular substance go from recreational to addiction? Substance abuse and addiction are not always straightforward. Sometimes understanding addiction can feel like a "gray" area. To help bring clarity to the issue, below are some quick tools to help identify what substance abuse and addiction look like on the surface.

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8 Oaks Recovery is a Christ-centered addiction recovery program located in Wayne County, TN. We offer a unique treatment approach blending spiritual and clinical work. We work with adult males ages 18-65 years old.

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The 8 Oaks is licensed by the State of Tennessee and accredited by The Joint Commission, the national leader in healthcare organization accreditation.


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