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Finding God in Addiction

Finding God in Addiction

When addiction becomes too much to handle, often the first instinct is to retreat from any community that was in your life to begin with. Shame becomes overwhelming, leaving you broken and unwilling to find hope. It is easy to wonder how God could care about you or if he even exists. The ironic thing is, most recovering drug and alcohol users cite God as their biggest reason for getting clean. Many didn’t even have a personal relationship with Jesus before becoming an addict. When you are at your worst, God has a way of making himself known.

In truth, the decision to follow Jesus is a deeply personal one but addicts have some specific needs that are met by the community of Christ followers.

Community is a core tenant

Christianity calls on each person to support one another through all their trials; the church should be the place to find that support. Addicts may feel judged by their church going peers, but this is not the way of God. Church is not meant for those who have it all together. Church is meant to be a place of healing for the broken. Do not be afraid to seek out church community while going through recovery or even in the midst of addiction. Community support is one of the most important ways to get or stay sober. Find a bible study and a mentor you feel you can share with. Creating a community doesn’t just happen, it takes time. But when you are surrounded by Christ loving friends, it is so worth it. Accountability is one of the most powerful tools in your fight for sobriety.

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Prayer provides connection

Our Christian connection with God creates a beautiful relationship that allows a sense of transparency that is unavailable in our earthly communion. God already knows our faults and issues and loves us wholly and abundantly. Christ loved us so much that he died for our sins and allows us to spend eternity in heaven with the Father. That amount of love is incomparable to any relationship we may find on earth.

Prayer is important for recovery because it helps ground us in our need for God’s strength to deny temptation. Jesus taught us clearly in the Lord’s Prayer to say: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Every time you pray make sure to include this request for guidance away from temptation.

God is Unmoving

People come and go through our lives. School friends fade away and people who we thought would stick around leave abruptly. Addiction causes constant changes in who is around. The friends made in the throughs of addiction are not the best choice to be around if trying to recover. They may have encouraged abuse or been indifferent to unhealthy behavior. Addiction is lonely and painful, but God does not intend for us to be in pain forever.

In lamentations, Jeremiah is full of pain and suffering after the fall of the temple but even then, he says: “For no one is cast off by the Lord forever. Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love.” This verse displays the heart of God and that whatever pain we are in is temporary and God has a plan for it.

When we are at our loneliest, God is there. When we relapse yet again, God it there. When our families abandon us, God is there.

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Reading the Bible

Those who are new Christians have a unique opportunity to learn and discover so much about God for the first time as adults. It is important to develop routine while in recovery so taking the time to study the bible every day is a great way to maintain stability. Starting the day with God’s words of encouragement has been hounded by Sunday-school teachers for millennia but for good reason.

If we make reading scripture another checklist in our lives, then we miss the bigger picture and will bring little value. Reading scripture is about hearing directly from God and building a relationship with Him. Think about it this way, if your father passed away before you could get to know him, but left behind a journal of his deepest thoughts to instruct you in life, wouldn’t you read that every day? In the same way, reading the Bible is a way for us to have a relationship and know God and his will for our life. God didn’t only come to save us from our eternal hell but even the hell we live here now by giving us wise and sound instruction to live life to the fullest!

God wants us to know him and the best way to do that is to read his word. If we know God and have complete understanding of his desires for us, we come to desire his will for us. “But he answered and said, ‘It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4

God wants you to find him and rely on him. He knows that this world is harsh and hard to get through but he also knows it is so much better when you have him to talk to. People with substance abuse issues have every right to live a normal life and God might be the answer for many. 8 Oaks Recovery believes that remission is possible and the power of Christ has the ability to transform lives of addicts and their families. If you or a loved one wants help, do not hesitate to contact 8 Oaks and receive a free consultation by reaching out through our contact page or calling us at 931-903-2500.

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